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The Philippines is one of the world’s largest archipelago nations. It is situated in Southeast Asia in the Western Pacific Ocean. Its islands are classified into three main geographical areas – Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Because of its archipelagic nature, Philippines is a culturally diverse country. With its topography consisting of mountainous terrains, dense forests, plains, and coastal areas, the Philippines is rich in biodiversity. It is considered as one of the mega biodiversity countries in the world with a high percentage of flora and fauna endemism.

Three projects

We're currently offering three projects in the philippines;

  • The Fortress Angeles, a 5-star hotel with all the amenities you'll expect in a fortress setting taking you a millenia back in time. Great shopping, city life and fantastic communication, 15 mins to the Clark international airport.
  • The Fortress Subic, a 4-star hotel at a great location, just by the beach, scuba divning and a number of local restaurants. One hours drive from Angeles or why not use the local airport?
  • Puerto Galera, a 4/5-star resort development on the ridge overlooking 250 degrees of sea. In the backdrop lush mountains with mythical ambience in the distance. Private beach, scuba divning paradise, lush coconut grove, 5 minutes bike ride to town and a sea-plane connection to Manilla, or a 75 minute boat ride from the mainland, Batangas.

All three are different not only due to the region, but also in design and closely matched to up-take of local tourism.


Philippines vacations can revolve around any number of things, and since the country is home to more than 7,000 islands, finding some good spots to unwind isn't difficult. The Philippines vacation spots range from beach resort destinations like the island of Boracay to cool mountain hangouts like the town of Sagada. The best vacations to the Philippines mix a range of experiences together, and thanks to the country's relatively complete transportation network, island hopping is easier than ever.

Before visitors head off to more relaxed destinations on Philippines vacations, they often explore the capital city of Manila for a day or more. Like the other larger cities in the country, Manila is fast paced, relatively polluted, and altogether hectic. The city's energy is part of what makes it so interesting, and it's easily one of the best places in the country for nightlife. Vacations to the Philippines can effectively revolve around partying, and Manila isn't the only place where going out on the town can be rewarding. Angeles City has made quite a name for itself on the international party scene, and the resort destination of Puerto Galera is exceptionally lively after dark during the January to March high season.

While partying will be the aim of some when it comes to Philippines vacations, others may seek a very different kind of getaway. A family vacation to the Philippines isn't likely to involve a lot of partying, and it can be every bit as rewarding as any other kind of trip. Many travel companies offer guided tours and vacation packages that include all the top Philippines vacation spots, and families are encouraged to consider them when planning a trip. Since these tours and vacation packages tend to take care of all the transportation, they can be especially convenient. Some of the places that families might add to their list of potential Philippines vacation spots are Manila, Puerto Galera, Baguio City, and Puerto Princesa. Activities worth considering on a family vacation to the Philippines include go-karting at the Clark Air Force base in Angeles City, snorkeling at Puerto Princesa, visiting the Enchanted Kingdom theme park in Manila, and heading to the Rizal province's Avilon Zoo.

Whether it's a family vacation, a trip with friends, or even a solo adventure, hanging out at the beach is one of the top things to do in the Philippines. Philippines beach vacations can be just as rewarding as beach vacations in any other tropical destination, especially since the country's number of beaches is staggering. In Philippines, many coastlines are lined with soft, white sand and clear, blue water, as is the case in the Caribbean. Some of the best beaches in the country boast attractive beach resorts, including White Beach on the island of Boracay, and they are among the most popular places to stay on beach vacations to the Philippines. A beach vacation in the Philippines can involve any number of fun water sports activities and The Philippines boasts world-class diving destinations like the Tubbataha Reef and the Apo Reef, and the number of dive operators across the country is impressive. Plenty of Philippines tours and vacation packages include scuba diving excursions, and they are worth considering.

There aren't a lot of things that visitors to the Philippines can't do, as this land is impressively dynamic. In recent years, ecotourism has been on the rise in the Philippines, and outdoor enthusiasts the world wide are starting to take notice of the almost endless possibilities. From the palm-fringed beaches of the lowlands to the forested slopes of the highlands, the Philippines offers one amazing experience after another. English is widely spoken in this relatively isolated archipelago, and the people are known for their warm and friendly hospitality. When it comes down to it, there's a lot to like about Philippines vacations, and there's arguably never been a better time to enjoy them.


When investing in New Nordic Group holiday resorts, investors buy a slice in two of the fastest growing industries in some of the most beautiful areas of the world, the real estate & the tourism industries.

Perfection doesn’t exist — yet the Philippines could be the perfect investment partner

Wondering how to do business in this incredible country? You’ll be happy to know that it is the perfect investment partner. It has everything a good investment should have, and given all the changes it is going through, it’s capable of supporting your goals and creating a healthy investment ecosystem.

A strong, educated workforce

We all know that Asian countries are known for their educated and knowledgeable workforce. However, when compared to others, Filipinos have taken their skills and their ability to adapt to different types of jobs and training to a whole new level. In addition, despite their native tongue, a large part of the country speaks English, so finding a good workforce there without having to overcome a language barrier is entirely possible.

The country is also working towards using advancing technologies in order to boost the workforce's skills. Now they include these technologies into traditional education so that more and more Filipinos would know how to use not just the computer but the digital technologies to their advantage. As such, there isn’t a shortage of skillful managers and employees. Those who wish to invest in the Philippines can get help from a recruitment consultant and actually find a workforce that would help them reach their goals.

Incredible location

The ASEAN region is growing faster by the minute, which just goes to show how well the Philippines is situated. The market base of that region accounts for hundreds of millions, giving the country enough potential customers to never have to worry about profit. In addition, Filipinos, as well as other Asian consumers, are not afraid to spend their money. They value good services and key commodities, making them ideal targets for your business. In fact, private consumption in the country is growing each year. In 2016, it was 5.9%, yet it grew even more in 2017 and reached 7%.

Low cost of living

In comparison to other countries, this country is quite affordable if you are looking to live here. Building a lifestyle according to your needs and preferences will be easy, as many business districts correspond to other cities in terms of quality — yet they are not as expensive as those. There are plenty of amenities, and the overall cost of living is low, allowing investors to enjoy the same luxury even when they are miles away from home. What’s more, in terms of office space, the business districts offer plenty of ready-to-use suitable locations for your operations.

Developing markets

As far as the consumer market goes, the Philippines is home to more than 100 million people. Thus, it is ranked 13th in terms of population, and the country also has a strong export market. Some of the most frequent partners are the US, China, Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong. Therefore, investing and doing business in the Philippines doesn’t just allow you to conquer only one Asian country. It enables you to serve other top export destinations as well.

The bottom line

The economic initiatives have allowed both Filipinos and foreign investors to take part in growing the economy of this country further. Thus, it is the perfect ground for investment, business, and development — an opportunity of a lifetime for those who are willing to go the extra mile and are not afraid of taking a chance on an Asian gem.



Angeles City is located in central Luzon in the province of Pampanga approximately 80 kilometers north of Manila. Angeles is a bustling and thriving city with a population of about 473,000 people. The main languages are Tagalog and Kapampangan, but English is widely spoken. The history of Angeles dates back to the Spanish period, and it was the capital of the Philippine Republic during the Filipino-American war. The Pamintuan Mansion became the seat of the short-lived government in 1899. For visitors to Angeles nowadays, the Clark Freeport Zone offers casinos, golf and duty-free shopping along with a plethora of dining and nightlife options in Angeles City itself.

New Nordic’s project in Angeles City is the first of its kind in the Philippines, an ultra-modern medieval design giving guests a feeling of mystery in intrigue. Stay satisfied with luxurious amenities such as our rooftop pool and bar along with multiple dining options.


Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is a soothing vision of shimmering seas surrounded by lush mountains. It is considered one of the most beautiful and developed beach resort community in the country. Starting from “backyard tourism” wherein local residents accept local and foreign tourist as stay-in guest, the island’s tourism has flourished. In the course of time, several hotels, resorts, inns and restaurants have mushroomed within the area.

Sabang Village is a small cosy laid back village with a number of small restaurants, bars and scuba diving companies. During the day, it's about scuba diving to the world famous sites close by. Ship wrecks, aircraft, and all the species of the sea to admire.


Discover sun-soaked tranquility and be mesmerized in an enclave nestled on the magnificent white-sand crescent of the Southwest Coast. Immerse delightfully in an abundance of tropical gardens and resplendent blue seas.

From couples, to families, to a group of friends, there’s a place suitable for your lifestyle and cravings. You may want to set out on an adventure and look for the best spot to trek or go camping or lounge serenely by the beach with your family or friends while watching the sun fade into the pallet.

Country head office

New Nordic Group has an office in the Philippines in Angeles and Manilla with teams ready to answer and assist you with the inquiries you may have regarding our projects.

10F One Global Place 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila


Angeles City is located in central Luzon in the province of Pampanga approximately 80 kilometers north of Manila. Angeles is a bustling and thriving city with a population of about 473,000 people.