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Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls


The land of gorgeous sights, rich culture, and friendly locals, it is one of Africa’s most welcoming countries, albeit with a colorful history. It’s the land of jolly, big-bellied men and strong women who spearheaded the guerilla rebellion back in the 80s. Indeed, Zimbabwe is a country of vast opportunities.

If you ever get to Zimbabwe, either as a tourist or an investor, Victoria Falls is one of those places you cannot miss out on. This incredible “curtain of water” is shared by both Zimbabwe and Zambia, and it is one of the most spectacular waterfalls you may encounter in your life.

Victoria Falls, the town that shares the same name offers plenty of things to do and explore. Furthermore, it is the place to be if you’re interested in tasting African cuisine and watching traditional dancing.

And this is where you find New Nordic of course! But before we continue a piece of advise valid as of June 2019; currency mostly used is USD and money is hard to find. Be sure to bring all the money you need with you. Fuel is in short and thus cars are lining up for hours and hours to fill up their vehicles. Your guide will plan your trip accordingly and find the best places for re-fueling.


Officially known as the Republic of Zimbabwe, this beautiful country sits between two large rivers in southern Africa — Zambezi and Limpopo. It shares a border with South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, and Mozambique. With over 16 million inhabitants, it is roughly three times as large as Great Britain.

With a strategic location, the once-stellar Zimbabwean economy is once again on the rise. Thus, this South African country is the perfect investment place for experienced investors. With the new economic growth, tourism is blossoming. That’s just one of the many reasons why the New Nordic Group has decided to invest in Zimbabwe.

What Zimbabwe has to offer

Zimbabwe, or “great houses of stone” as the local Shona people call it, is a real tourist gem. The beauty of this wonderful African country lies partly in the fact that it isn’t overly developed or commercialized. For the right type of people, this means that it’s an opportunity ripe for the picking.

Everything is authentic in Zimbabwe. The people are naturally friendly, the sights are gorgeous, and the experiences are spontaneous. The country provides a rare opportunity for real adventures. The combined effort of people and nature allows visitors to enjoy outdoor activities to the fullest.

The gorgeous landscapes

Although Zimbabwe has a truly tremulous history, the governing bodies have always done their best to preserve nature. That’s why the landscapes are untouched and breathtaking. Not to mention, the country offers excellent diversity full of dramatic contrasts. That makes it ideal for all types of activity — hiking, watersports, sightseeing, and bird watching being just some of them.

Quite famous for tea estates and apple orchards the east side of the country has a colder climate than the west. It’s the birthplace of the legendary rock formations that tickle the curiosity of every traveler. Although gorgeous on its own, it’s a beautiful juxtaposition to the west side that offers a drier and warmer climate. It’s also adorned with national parks and the quick, fickle Zambezi river.

The Big Five

Zimbabwe is the perfect place for a safari. It doesn’t offer the meticulous organization and commercialization that some other African national parks do. But it has the allure of a spontaneous and authentic safari. Zimbabwe pools all its resources into conserving and protecting both nature and wildlife. Thus, it offers an impressive experience.

Seeing the mighty and famous Big Five — elephant, buffalo, rhino, leopard, and lion — is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that many African countries offer. Still, not many can make it as authentic as Zimbabwe can. Their expert tour guides are devoted and knowledgeable.

For those more interested in gentler wildlife, Zimbabwe has quite a diverse bird population. With over 420 recorder bird species, it is a true treat for bird watching and a dream come true for every ornithologist.

Locals and their customs

Every country boasts about the friendly locals. But, there aren’t many that can top the hospitality and friendliness of Zimbabweans. Free of prejudice, the easy-going attitude of locals goes far. You’ll be greeted with the famous Zimbabwean smile everywhere you go. In times of trouble, the locals band together and offer a helping hand to everyone in need. The friendly spirit is an inevitable part of the culture that runs deep.

The majority of the locals is of the famous Shona origin. The Shona people, a Bantu ethnic group, have been living on the lands of Zimbabwe since the 11th century AD. The founders of ancient Great Zimbabwe, are hospitable, religious, and have a rich history that they don’t mind sharing with outsiders. Among other things, the Shona people are great artists. Their culture-inspired stone, serpentine, and soapstone artwork is world-famous.

Visits to local villages, filled with stone and mud houses provide a scintillating insight into many aspects of their culture. The locals will always be ready to share or demonstrate their songs, dances, ceremonies, as well as their traditional, delicious food with everyone.

Best places to visit in Zimbabwe


This capital is the epitome of the term “laid-back.” With impressive architecture, fine-dining restaurants, museums, and craft markets, Harare is a real adventure of a city. Harare also offers a glimpse of the glorious Zimbabwean wildlife and indigenous plant life.

This great city offers an opportunity to enjoy the typical African metropolis. But it also provides the chance to dip into the wild side of Africa and get the feet dirty with signature Zimbabwean red soil.

Harare offers tours of the “Great Zimbabwe” ruins and a glimpse into the rich history of the indigenous people. Tourists can also enjoy the full history and culture tour and see everything Harare has to offer. This walk down memory lane offers an insight into pre-colonial, colonial, and post-colonial times of Zimbabwe.


When investing in New Nordic Group holiday resorts, investors buy a slice in two of the fastest growing industries in some of the most beautiful areas of the world, the real estate & the tourism industries.

Victoria Falls

Appropriately named “the smoke that thunders,” Victoria Falls are the most famous Zimbabwean sights. The sight alone is so breathtaking that it’s no wonder that UNESCO placed Victoria Falls on their Seven Natural Wonders of the World list.

But Victoria Falls offer so much more than just a view of the world’s largest waterfalls. Over a kilometer in length, Victoria Falls is a dream come true for all adrenaline junkies out there. The roar of such mighty river itself causes awe and admiration. But the Victoria Falls site also offers activities such as bungee jumping, gorge swinging, abseiling and more. 

Hwange National Park

Hwange is Zimbabwe’s largest National Park, accounting for an area of over 14,000km², the size of a smaller country. It is located in the northwest corner of the country about two hours south of the mighty Victoria Falls.

Formerly occupied by the San bushmen, the Nhanzwa, and latterly the royal hunting ground for Matabele king, Mzilikazi. The area was finally gazetted for wildlife conservation in 1928. Today its the habitat for a multitude of animals and the sheer size of the "park" means you will see animals in their true enivronment, admire the diversity and an experience of a life time. The road from Victoria Falls and our lodge is not the best one, bumpy and with occational police check points which are cleared swiftly.


Four hours from Hwange you'll get into the second largest town in Zimbabwe, Bulawayo. A town built around coal and metals, the vast old railroad system is left to be seen, wide streets of gravel, planned for a future city with increased density. The gentlemens club Bulawayo Club doubles as a hotel and time has stood still. History is all around and if you come by horse, you'll find the place to tie it up still on the left side of the building. The old Courthouse and library is close by and beautiful buildings worth some time. A city that shows how your metropolitan home city used to look like a century or so ago.

Great Zimbabwe

Four hours from Harare is the ancient Great Zimbabwe city ruins. Built in 1100 to 15th century, once the home of 17,000 people within and around the city walls still standing tall to tell a history of times passed. A true must to visit and you'll also get to see how they lived, music and dance.

Gonarezhou National Park

The Gonarezhou National Park has three mighty rivers — the Save, the Runde, and the Mwenezi. The local Shona people also call it “the place of many elephants.”

Due to the diverse and water-rich landscape, the Gonarezhou National Park is the perfect place for wildlife exploration. The vast water sources are the gathering place of all local wildlife. That means that each puddle, stream, or lake are the perfect place to spot various birds, animals, fish, or reptiles. In the valley of the Runde river, you'll find the famous Chilojo Cliffs. Carved out by centuries of erosion, they tower over the landscape and provide a breathtaking view.

Mana Pools National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Mana Pools National Park is where people go to see the famous Big Five. An authentic safari site, this National Park is the crowning jewel of the Zimbabwean safari. What's more, it offers both walking and canoe safari. Unlike in other African National Parks, Zimbabwe offers exclusivity. That means that the visitors share the experience with a handful of people and an expert guide. That makes getting up close and personal with the wildlife that much easier. Mana Pools are remote, pristinely preserved pockets of natural wonder.

Currency, climate, and language

Zimbabwe has a very gentle climate, considering its location. Both summer and winter temperatures don’t reach any extremes on the thermometer. That's why Zimbabwe is an ideal tourist spot practically year-round. Aside from the hospitable climate, the people are also friendly and easy to get along with.

Although Zimbabwe has 16 different official languages, the language barrier is non-existent. The locals speak excellent English, as it’s one of the official languages. And while you might not have any trouble talking to the locals, getting change might be a difficult task. That’s not to say that Zimbabweans are stingy. The government of Zimbabwe has dropped the national currency following the near-collapse of their economy. Now, Zimbabwe uses the US dollar as its currency. But, given that there aren’t many coins in circulation, they mostly use paper bills.

Why invest in Zimbabwe

Until recently, the political landscape was far from ideal. The governing body that held power for decades led to a near-collapse of the Zimbabwean economy. It also led to the highest inflation rate in the history of the world. Still, all that is behind Zimbabwe now. Their economy is in the state of constant and stable increase, and the national GDP is on the rise.

Furthermore, Zimbabwe has been implementing both economic and infrastructural changes that will revitalize the entire country.

The change in the political climate

Since the vast political changes took place in Zimbabwe, the country became a new haven for investors. Governance reforms followed by a change in currency, as well as fiscal and institutional reforms were put in place to attract foreign investors. Zimbabwe is now dedicated to ensuring a safe economic growth as well as ensuring that foreign investors are able to conduct business without much interference from the government.

This is one of the main reasons why the New Nordic group has chosen it as an investment opportunity. A safer environment also means a large tourism market, which is another convenient reason to settle in Zimbabwe.

The most crucial step that Zimbabwe took in ensuring this to change the strict laws that discouraged foreign investors before. Not that long ago, the government of Zimbabwe was adamant that only indigenous people can own a piece of land. That law dictated that all companies had to have 51% of local, indigenous ownership. That made foreign investments near-impossible.

Today, the reformed law makes a truly vital distinction between “indigenous Zimbabwean” and “a citizen of Zimbabwe.” In turn, owning land and investing and developing in Zimbabwe is much more manageable now.

The new “investor-friendly” policies in place attracted the New Nordic Group into the bosom of Africa. A country that isn’t afraid to change is the perfect investment opportunity.


Victoria Falls

If you ever get to Zimbabwe, either as a tourist or an investor, Victoria Falls is one of those places you cannot miss out on. This incredible “curtain of water” is shared by both Zimbabwe and Zambia, and it is one of the most spectacular waterfalls you may encounter in your life.

At 108 meters, Victoria Falls is a sight for sore eyes for all those who are looking to experience natural wonders that have earned its place on the UNESCO world heritage list. This area of Zimbabwe is already well known among tourists as a beautiful and exciting spot. We want to give investors a chance to explore this wonder and play a role in helping the local community thrive. The country has a great international airport and more big development is coming to Zimbabwe. The shopping mall in Victoria Falls is almost complete and more international development expect to boost tourism growth. It is also worth mentioning that Zimbabwe was picked as the ‘sustainable destination of the year’ by Pacific Travel Writers Association in 2019. Right now, this piece of Zimbabwe is still a hidden gem, but soon enough, it will be on everyone’s mind.

Country head office

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The land of gorgeous sights, rich culture, and friendly locals, it is one of Africa’s most welcoming countries, albeit with a colorful history. It’s the land of jolly, big-bellied men and strong women who spearheaded the guerilla rebellion back in the 80s. Indeed, Zimbabwe is a country of vast opportunities.