Something for everyone

We understand that all people are different, and are interested in different types of living, interior and projects. Keeping this in mind, we have developed a portfolio of unique project types, making sure you will find the best location and sceneries to build a lifestyle!


The Heritage projects are based on European five star Hotel standards with all amenities as you would expect to find in Europe and North America. Our current Heritage projects are The Palace and The Castle both under construction in Pattaya City. We also offer The Fortress in the Philippines and soon, we will have Heritage projects in all our destinations.


Water World is our latest project type and as the name already suggests, our Water Worlds have large swimming pools, water slides and sun decks and all recreational amenities for the residents. For now, we have Water Worlds in Thailand (Samui and Phuket) and Bali, Indonesia, but in the future, all our locations will have a Water World. In general, the Water Worlds have European four star standards with all the expected amenities. Some larger locations as for example Phuket will also have European three star standard apartments for lower purchase prices so everybody can enjoy our Water World concept. In addition to the Water features, our Water Worlds have, restaurants, pool bars, play areas for the children, massage centers, travel agencies, mini-marts, and shops.


Hotels and Resorts is New Nordic’s 3/4/5-star project types according to European standards. They are condominium projects ranging from 3 to 15 stories depending on the location. In general, all our locations will have a ‘Hotels & Resorts’ concept as it is our most affordable, so everybody can be part of the unique New Nordic Group brand. Our comfort concept caters for families from all over the world. Therefore, this concept always includes a lot of shops, swimming pools, restaurants, mini-marts, money exchange and even gasoline stations. We create self-sustaining communities with 100% safety for our clients, in general clients do not have to leave our resorts as we have everything in-house.


Our latest and most ambitious project type is Park. Our Park projects are set on large areas of land and will cater not only for the holiday sector but also for national day trips and the local community. Our first Park concept will be in Phetchaburi which is located just south of Thailand’s capital Bangkok. Phetchaburi Park is set on 555 Rai of land (1 Rai is 1,600 sqm) and will include for example a large indoor and outdoor swimming area, expo center, shopping, food court and arcade, leisure, entertainment and many other different sports and activities. The Real Estate part will comprise of different hotels, apartment buildings, housing and even spectacular tree-houses.


Residences is New Nordic’s first pure residential project type. Where our other concepts are based on short and middle term living, Residences are created for permanent residence. For this, Residences have full-size kitchens, more cabinet and wardrobe space and will include all amenities required for long-term stay. Our first Residence development is in Chumphon Coral beach - the perfect place for your home at the pristine beach.